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New Luxury English Watch Brand - IWI Watches - Made in England is Back!

  • 2007-09-05
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    New Luxury English Watch Brand - IWI Watches - Made in England is Back!

    IWI Watches are a truly English brand, situated in the heart of Lancashire. IWI Watches have brought the skills more usually associated with Switzerland to the home of the cotton mill.

    IWI Watches are the inspiration of Ian Walsh, a young English watchmaker. Like many of his peers Ian served an apprenticeship studying Classic Horology at Manchester and working with Tag Heuer. Ian was so captivated by the world of horology, that he knew it was his destiny, to one day create his own collection of watches. It was whilst working with vintage time pieces that Ian first realised that he wanted to recreate and improve where possible upon classic designs, this was the start of a journey that is today IWI Watches.

    IWI Watches are luxury watches made in England to the highest possible standards. Using the latest technology at every step to design and create these modern classics, combined with the finest materials and components. Every IWI Watch has an individually machined and limited edition numbered case, which is produced from the finest stainless steel and finished by hand. A Swiss Automatic movement of superlative quality is used in all the watches.  IWI watches have been received by the trade and public alike with incredible enthusiasm and have been cited as being a breath of fresh air. The watches pay homage to both motorsport and aviation simultaneously, with the oversized crown sat proudly at 12 o'clock for the aviator and the classic dials re-awakening thoughts of Stirling Moss and Juan Manuel Fangio charging for the line.

    For many years Ian has kept the world of film and television ticking, running his own company supplying and repairing specialist timing equipment. This company is used by all the major film and TV companies, whether it be for the latest drama series or the coverage of the World Cup, you can be sure Ian kept the timing accurate. Ian has also been a major contributor the timing of historic rallying events both on a National and International level, he has repaired and refurbished dashboard stopwatches and clocks from some of the worlds most historic sports cars. Ian was the man Aston Martin turned to for timing advice and equipment when they wanted to mount a challenge at the world famous Le Man 24 hour race.

    The past months have been exciting times, seeing the birth of this new brand and launch of a new collection of watches. Ian has been able to create something truly incredible for today's market place and some have gone as far to say that he is breathing life back in to English watch making.

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